Russia goes to the break of the first half with an advantage over Finland

Russia has gone to the break of the first half in the lead over Finland in the second round of Group B in the framework of Euro 2020.

The match started with a goal, as in the fourth minute, the Finns scored.

It was Joel Pohjanpalo who scored with his header, but after the review in VAR, it was canceled for offside position.

Russia then activated with their cases, risking through Magomed Ozdoev (10), but that his shot ended high above the gate.

Pohjanpalo had another good chance in the 21st minute, but his shot was blocked.

While the last seconds of the first half were passing, Russia took the lead with the side of Aleksey Miranchuk 45 + 2.

The second 45 minutes will probably produce at least one more goal even though it is being played very tightly in the defensive phase.