“Serie A can not lose Ronaldo”

Walter Sabatini is one of the most vocal technical executives in Italy.

Once a former footballer, he is now part of Bologna and Montreal Impact.

Yesterday, Sabatini gave an interview, which was published today in “Gazzetta dello Sport”.

He has been teased to choose between Pep Guardiola and Max Allegri and is shown typical Italian in the selection made.

Among other things, Sabatini also talked about Cristiano Ronaldo, Sarri and Mourinho.

He told about CR7: “We hope Ronaldo stays at Juventus. I want Serie A back to be the Mecca of football, as it was in the ’80s. Today a player thinks three times before accepting Italy and it makes me feel offended. If CR7 leaves, we lose even more charm,” he declared.

“Sarri and Mourinho? Like me, Sarri smokes a lot of cigarettes. If we worked together, a cloud of smoke would have covered us. I have great sympathy for him and his game. As for Mourinho’s Roma, it will also be a nice surprise. He is pragmatic and determined,” Sabatini concluded.

Allegri better than Guardiola

“In another period I tried to take Allegri to Rome. He knows he owes me because he accepted and then refused. This does not prevent me from choosing Allegri because he is a pragmatist. Teams have to get points, losses make you cry, ruin, poison. No spectacular football, no matter how beautiful it is, can afford to be a loser. I say yes to Allegri and the fact that he is concrete”, said Sabatini initially.

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