Solskjaer hopes to win the Europa League

The Red Devils can end their trophy fast with a victory against Villarreal in the Europa League final and the coach believes even more in success.

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and striker Mason Greenwood are hoping to win the Europa League final and thus start winning trophies. The Red Devils will face Villarreal in Gdansk this Wednesday.

United have not won trophies since their success in the Europa League in 2017 but Solskjaer hopes they will fight and win trophies consistently. “We have built this team at the end of these years, I hope now is the beginning of something bigger,” Solskjaer told reporters at a news conference.

“This is the best club in the world. It is fun but also pressure for Manchester United. It’s one thing the players are ready for. They would not have been transferred here if they were not top players. These are the big nights we want. It would be a big step towards a good future.”

“This group of players have played together for a year and a half. The next step for them is to enjoy such a game – I have seen that this desire has increased in the players.”

Greenwood, (19) hopes United will mend the reputation of a team fighting for the top trophy and see the midweek game as one.

“Sending home a trophy is something the club needs, sending home trophies,” said Greenwood.

“We have not won them in a few years. Being part of a team that wins trophies would be a good idea.”