The coach of Italy has dilemmas before tomorrow’s meeting with Belgium

Italy is preparing for the quarterfinal challenge of the European against Belgium, scheduled for tomorrow evening, at the “Allianz Arena” in Munich, while coach Roberto Mancini still has two dilemmas regarding the formation he will throw on the field from the first minute.

The first dilemma is related to captain Giorgio Chiellini, who has been training with the group for two days, but who is not yet in his best shape. Italy needs a captain, as they will face a very strong striker like Lukaku and only Chiellini can try to respond physically.

During the last training sessions in the lineup, Lazio center-back Francesco Acerbi has been tested, who is also the favorite to play from the beginning, however for Chiellini it will be decided only before the match and it seems that it will be the captain himself who means last, whether it feels good to get off the field or not.

The other dilemma is in the attacking department, as Federico Chiesa has done very well in the two games he has played and is currently the favorite against Berard to start from the first minute, along with the Immobile-Insigne duo, who are indisputable in the lineup.

As for the rest of the formation, no surprises are expected, as Di Lorenzo and Spinnazzola have been confirmed on the defensive wings, while in midfield the starting trio will be Barella-Jorginho-Verratti, with Locatelli and Pessina ready to give their contribution, if will be required during the match.