The names of the four coaches who can replace Conte at Inter are revealed

Antonio Conte is expected to leave the management of Inter very soon and the Italian media have already started to reveal the possible names that could follow him.

Italian media Gazzetta dello Sport ‘shocked’ the football world, especially Italy, with the news of Conte’s departure.

Conte is said to be in no way negotiating with the club’s management about the policies they will pursue for the new season and this is leading to an inevitable departure.

However, the Italian media reveals that it is hard to imagine that an experienced manager like Beppe Marotta, had not considered the possible end of the story and therefore now has no one in the sleeve to replace Conte.

Four names could potentially be placed side by side on the Inter bench.

The first name is undoubtedly that of Massimiliano Allegri, whom the director of Inter had already contacted last year. It is probably the only name that would ease a bit the great disappointment of the people of Inter, also because it is also on Juve’s wish list.

The second is Maurizio Sarri, but among the unknowns is that of the type of team that Conte has formed and that does not seem appropriate for the ‘Sarriane’ ideas.

Third is Sinisa Mihajlovic, a former Nerazzurri player and assistant coach, who has been contacted many times by Inter, and is seen as a man with a Contian style grin and character.

Finally, the fourth and most detached is Simone Inzaghi, who today can say goodbye to Lazio.