The sheikhs of Newcastle United want the purchase of the Italian giant

Newcastle United executives are looking at opportunities to sign with the European giant.

According to the media in Italy, the sheikhs of Saudi Arabia want to buy the Inter Milan club, while Marseille is also considered as an alternative.

Inter is in financial trouble, so a possible sale in the near future is a real option.

Newcastle fans are already excited about the big changes, as ‘crazy’ investments are expected to be made in the coming years.

In case an agreement is reached for the purchase of Inter, then the transferred players will have it easier, because they can play for the other club if they do not fit in one of the leagues.

Italian reports add that the sheikhs are ready to offer a full 1 billion euros for the “Neurazzuri”.

Manchester City has control of clubs like New York City, Maelbourne City and Girona, so maybe Newcastle and Inter will be built as well.

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