UEFA honors with the Presidential Award, the doctors who saved Eriksen’s life

The fall of Christian Eriksen on the field, while the European match was being played between Denmark and Finland, scared everyone for a few minutes, with the fantasist losing consciousness, but then managed to be mentioned and return to normal life.

The intervention of doctors was very quick and crucial to save the life of the 29-year-old, while UEFA has decided to award the President’s award to the staff who gave first aid to Eriksen in that challenge.

The news was announced by the government of European football, which in addition to the medical staff, will also honor the captain of Denmark, Simon Kjaer, who arrived first near Eriksen and then made sure that everything went in the best possible way.

“Fortunately and to our great relief, Christian Eriksen’s life was saved thanks to the outstanding professionalism of the Danish medical staff. I admire and congratulate them for the calmness and professionalism with which they managed to bring Eriksen back to life “, declared the head of UEFA, Ceferin.

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