United sends Pogba to Dubai

Paul Pogba will no longer play football in 2021.

For at least six weeks, the French midfielder of Manchester United will be out of the field until he recovers from a muscle injury that occurred during training with the French team.

Pogba, however, will not recover in his home country nor will he train in England: he will do so in the UAE.

This was published by the English press, which revealed that Pogba traveled with a coach to Dubai.

Pogba has not yet renewed his contract with United and there are rumors of a possible departure.

Speculation was heightened by Mino Raiola, the player’s agent, who said: “December is the best month to make dreams come true.”

Maybe it was for Pogba’s dream that he has repeated several times in recent years that he wants to play for Real Madrid.

Either way, in England there are reports of a possible arrival of Zinedine Zidane on the red devils bench and of course, that would change everything in Pogba’s future as well.

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