Verratti: He is a champion, I did not believe until I saw Messi at PSG

It seemed impossible a few weeks ago, but yes, Leo Messi is a PSG player and tomorrow he is expected to debut with this jersey against Reims in Ligue 1.

In fact not only did we not believe that Messi would belong to PSG this summer, but neither did those at the French camp.

So says Marco Verratti, PSG midfielder in an interview when talking about Messi.

The star of Italy also tells about the personality of “Flea” and his silent leadership on the field.

“Having Messi here is incredible. I did not believe he had come until the moment I saw him here. Maybe Leo does not talk much, but he has a lot of personality and you can feel him on the field. He is a leader, champion and loved not only by those who are fans of Barcelona or PSG. I do not think it will be difficult to adapt here,” said Verratti, among others.

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