Vinicius Jr. : I want to write the history with Real Madrid

Vinicius Junior, Real Madrid’s most fit player, gave an interview to Dj Mario at Post United, where he reviewed his current moment, recalled his first difficult steps at Real Madrid and talked about his future projects with the Los Blancos club.

To play at Real:

“It has always been my dream. All the kids in Brazil dream of playing here because there have been a lot of Brazilians who have succeeded here and I want to make the history like them.”

First contact:

“It was when I came back from South America. I turned to asa and my father told me that Madrid wanted me. I thought I was crazy. A week later he told me he had two days to decide, and I could not tell anyone, my friends. And I did not sleep for two days. But I think I made the right choice, and I’m here with the best players in the world.”


“I can handle it well because in Brazil I played in a very big team. And my parents and family always calm me down with that, so I can handle the pressure well.”


“He is very good. He always makes things clear, on and off the field, he makes it easy. I’m not surprised. Outside he wants me to be calm to do the things I know how to do.”


“I hope to help the team. I now have 11 goals, five assists and two penalties made in 18 games. Now I want to reach the end of the season as I started and be ready to win everything we will do. I play, which I think the team is ready for.

The key to Madrid:

“We are pushing very high. And strikers are better, helping each other to score goals to win matches. I think this is the key. If we continue to play like this, I think this year we can put Madrid above all else.”


“Scoring at the Bernabeu is wonderful, the field is always full and scoring there is the dream of all children. Every time I score it is an inexplicable feeling. “I want to score a lot of goals to achieve great things.”

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