Which players left Milan for Inter before Calhanoglu?

Hakan Calhanoglu is the first footballer to join Inter from Milan since Antonio Cassano did so in 2012, but many others before him had swapped the Rossoneri jersey for the Nerazzurri.

The 27-year-old will undergo medical examinations with Inter today. He reportedly agreed to sign a three-year deal worth five million euros a year, more than Milan had offered him.

Calhanoglu will leave Milan after four seasons at the club and has confirmed the agreement with this year’s champion of Italy.

Antonio Cassano is the last footballer to complete a transfer from Milan to Inter in 2012. The former Italy striker joined the Blues in a one-year deal for 5.5 million euros after winning his first and only Serie A title with Milan.

Thomas Helveg joined Inter from Milan nine years earlier, as did Umit Davala, Francesco Coco, Andres Guglielminpietro, Paolo Ginestra and Drazen Brncic, all of whom joined the Inter team between 2001-2002.

Giorgio Frezzolini (1999), Francesco Moriero (1997) and Fulvio Collovati (1982) also left Milan for Inter during their careers.

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