Wijnaldum: Liverpool teammates know why I am leaving, I will explain to the fans soon

Outgoing Liverpool midfielder Giorginio Wijnaldum has promised fans an explanation why he is leaving Anfield after several successful years.

Outside the contract at the end of the month, Wijnaldum is expected to sign for PSG when his contract expires.

However, his departure has become the subject of debate as the Dutchman has been a regular starter in Jurgen Klopp’s formation.

But Wijnaldum himself has hinted that it is a strong reason why he is leaving Anfield and his teammates already know.

“I had to fight with tears in my last game because I myself did not expect everything to be like this.” Wijnaldum initially told Voetbal International.

“I still have a lot of emotions, because I understand that I have already played the last game for Liverpool. Many fans ask me why I could not just go and accept the contract that was offered. But, of course, this is not the only point.”

“Things happen behind the scenes that I can not control because I am a player. I will explain this after the European Championship, because now only the national team matters.”

“I want to say that the staff at the training center, the club staff and the teammates wanted me to stay. I told them more. After that, they fully understood my decision. This is important for me.” concluded the Dutchman.

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