Xavi and Martinez are two possible replacements for Koeman at Barcelona

Barcelona continue to work on finding out who will be Ronald Koeman’s successor on the Barca bench if the team does not experience a noticeable improvement immediately.

In the last few hours there have been many coaches who have been heard, although the truth is that the list of priorities has been reduced to two candidates: Robert Martínez and Xavi Hernandez. This does not mean that one of the two will be Barca’s next coach, but it does mean that the club values ??them above the rest.

Then, logically, the negotiations would have to take place. If not, then the alternatives, taken from Diaro Sport, would be considered.

To date, Robert Martinez is even more popular than Xavi Hernandez. The Belgian coach is very much liked by the president of Barca.

Robert Martinez has the maximum support of Laporta, although a large part of the board of directors is more skeptical of the Belgian coach and would take a better look at the bet on Xavi Hernandez.

Thus, Barca understands that the train for Robert Martinez is now or never. The club wants a solid project on the bench once and for all, so he believes that Koeman’s successor will have a long time as Barca coach.

In other words, if Robert will not accept now, he might not have such an opportunity again in the medium term.

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