Xavi and Raul: Two legends who can lead Barcelona and Real Madrid

Both of these legends are believed to run their two former clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

While there is still no confirmation from the two clubs about the future of their coaches, there is a strong opinion that both Real Madrid and Barcelona will act differently at the end of the season and the two clubs will bring as coaches their two legends.

Xavi and Raul are both associated with the position of coach in Barcelona and Real Madrid ??respectively, with two former legends who have experience in terms of teams, one with the team Al-Sadd and the other with Real Madrid Castilla who have done very well.

If Ronald Koeman and Zinedine Zidane both leave in the summer, it is very close to the mind that they both lead these two teams and for some reason.

Everyone wants a new Guardiola

While Juan Carlos Unzue will disagree with this reasoning, it is a fact that clubs have seen Barcelona’s success during their time with Pep Guardiola and are in line to unveil a new one.

Chelsea tried with Frank Lampard, Manchester United still hope with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and their version, while Arsenal still believe in Mikel Arteta.

Xavi and Raul present identical cases, employing legendary players, despite the fact that both do not yet have any pedigree as a coach.

“Xavi cannot be Guardiola and Raul cannot be Del Bosque, they must be themselves and express their knowledge in a unique way,” explained Unzue.

Another benefit, which is crucial at the moment, is that they are very popular with the fans, but they, to put it more clearly, will be cheaper for them.

Neither Xavi nor Raul have a higher salary than Mauricio Pochettino or Carlo Ancelotti and this would help these clubs for the time they are going through and the financial difficulties.

Both have shown that they are leaders on the field

While not the same as the coach, both players were season veterans in their locker rooms and they know how their club policies go.

Jose Mourinho was found in a difficult and bizarre environment at Los Blancos, especially with the policies that are involved at the club. Raul is no stranger to these things and the same case is to Xavi at Camp Nou.

Not only that, but both players have played as coaches and they were good students of this sport.

“When Raul was a player he wanted to know why a training session was taking place, he always asked and when he was given the reason he applied it on the pitch.” Jose Antonio Camacho told him.

“Those who are players have seen this vision of theirs, so you can apply these things as a coach with the experience of what it was like when you were a player.”

Both clubs need a new cycle

Real Madrid has an old squad and they need to refresh the group if they want to return as a top team again in the Champions League.

The situation in Barcelona is already documented and they started their reconstruction process last summer, although Joan Laporta is believed to be taking the job himself.

The perfect way to start a new era is a coach who will serve for a long time and both Xavi and Raul are perfect figures for that.

Everyone will have their own ideas of how they would like their team to play and there will not be numerous requests from them for purchased players.

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