Zanetti says pandemic has hit Inter hard: “The Superleague was wrong”

Inter legend Javier Zanetti, now vice-president of the Italian champions – has openly stated that the Italian club has serious economic problems.

The pandemic has damaged everything, especially the world of sports.

According to Zanetti, it will take many years for clubs to return to normal after the pandemic.

“We have gone through and are going through big financial problems, it will take us several years to recover and find financial balance,” he said.
“We need people to go back to the stadiums. Such a thing would affect the attraction of sponsors.”

“Inter will start to grow as soon as we return to normal. 102 million euro loss? The bill was even higher… “.

“The situation is difficult, there is no need to hide, but winning the title should serve as a starting point. It should be the basis of our project, but we leaders must be clear what direction we will follow.

He then spoke about the European Super League.

The former Nerazzurri captain says everything was a mistake.

“An idea that lasted a while, the answer was given by the fans themselves. The Super League was a mistake, we have to learn from the mistakes, but what happened will help UEFA and FIFA to find together with the clubs a solution that improves football”, he declared, among other things.

Four laps before the end of the season, Inter were declared champions of Italy, winning the Scudetto after 11 years.