Hakimi closer and closer to Paris Saint Germain

Paris will be Achraf Hakimi’s next destination. The Italian media are convinced that the agreement has been reached for a total figure of 70 million euros.

Inter need money by June 30, in order to adjust the financial balance and the figure offered by PSG is really tempting, although Marotta and Ausilio are making recent efforts to benefit as much as possible from this operation.

Chelsea are completely out of the race, which was ready to offer 50 million euros plus Marcos Alonso’s card, but the NErazzurri prefer the French cash more and Hakimi himself has already reached an agreement with PSG for a 5-year contract with a salary of 10 million euros per season.

As soon as he completes the transfer of Hakimi to PSG, Inter will knock on the doors of Chelsea to look for the Spaniard Marcos Alonso, who seems to be the selection of managers and coach Inzaghi to take over the left lane.

Meanwhile in terms of right wing, Hakimi’s replacement looks set to come from Lazio. It is about Manuel Lazzar, who is not part of Sarri’s plans, but is much preferred by Simone Inzaghi and Marotta is trying to use the friendship he has with Lotitto to get the Italian winger.

Negotiations with Lazio are never easy, but it seems that Inter is ready to offer a total of 22 million euros for the player’s card, who is ready to follow coach Inzaghi in Milan, to the reigning champions of Italy.