PSG continues with victories

Messi and Neymar continue to stay out of the squad, but the PSG stars never end and are always there to take the team by the hand towards another victory in the league.

The third week of the French championship started with the transfer of the capital team to Brest, where the team led by Manuel Pochettino dominated in all aspects and managed to get three valuable points.

The challenge was unlocked in the 23rd minute, when after a combination of PSG players, it was Ander Herrera who released a right from distance and the ball was deflected by the home goalkeeper and the post, before stopping in the net.

In the 36th minute, a Brest defender stopped Wijnaldum’s attempt inside the area, but the ball left there, was headed in by Mbappe and ended up for the second time in the net of the gate defended by Bizot.

The French striker celebrated long, as if to say he is happy in Paris, despite the rumors of the market, while it is worth noting that this was the first goal scored by Mbappe, since 2017.

Brest, on the other hand, who found it very difficult to organize in attack, managed to score in one of the few exits, as goalkeeper Keilor Navas could do nothing to stop the shooting of 25-year-old striker Franck Honorat.

In the 73rd minute it was Idriz Gueye, who released a “torpedo” from a distance and beat goalkeeper Bizot for the third time, but when it seemed that the match was over, Brest woke up and “put forward” the PSG team.

Initially it was Keilor Navas who saved the gate, while then the crossbar stopped the attempt of the locals, who still managed to reopen the meeting with Mounie in the 85th minute and even approached the equalizer in 2-3 moments.

But in the very best minutes for Brest, a quick counterattack with protagonists Di Maria and Hakimi, made the Argentine score the fourth goal and seal the success of PSG, which flies to the top with 9 full points after three weeks first.